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18 - 19, jUNE, 2024

why you should join

  • In-Depth Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current and future landscape of the lithium industry.


  • Expert Perspectives: Hear from industry leaders and experts who will share valuable insights and forecasts.


  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and stakeholders in the lithium sector, fostering collaboration and strategic partnerships.

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Towards a collective vision of green and smart future cities

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summit highlights

    • Conference Day One - Tuesday, June 18, 2024

      8:30am - Welcome and Opening Address

      • Welcome by Organiser and Event Chairman

      8:40am - Session 1: Future Trends in Lithium Demand and Exploration

      • Future Trends in Lithium Demand and the Renewable Transition
      • Unveiling Lithium Hotspots: Geoscientific Approaches for Targeted Exploration
      • Exploring the Eramet Lithium Project: Innovations and Insights in Direct Lithium Extraction
        Speaker: Ludovic DONATI, Director Ageli – Alsace Géothermie Lithium, Eramet

      10:10am - Morning Break & 1–2–1 Meetings

      10:50am - Session 2: European Perspective on Lithium Production

      • Development of DLE Projects to Support Local and Renewable Lithium Production in Europe Speaker: Vincent Ledoux Pedailles, Chief Commercial Officer, Vulcan Energy Resources

      11:20am - Session 3: Novel Approaches to DLE

      • DLE from Process Water in O&G. Oil Wells Found of Great Britain and EU as Strategical Source of Lithium. Speaker: Pierre Krips, Senior Water Specialist, LightOre GmbH
      • ILiAD Technologies: Sustainable lithium, Delivered
        Speaker: David Deak, Chief of Strategy, ILiAD Technologies and EnergySource Minerals LLC
      • Scaling up DLE in established lithium regions – Chile
        Speaker: Steve Kesler, Chairman, CleanTech Lithium PLC

      12:50pm - Lunch & Networking

      2:00pm - Session 4: Advanced Lithium Extraction Techniques

      • Using NMR Within DLE to Achieve Continuous, Near-Real-Time Lithium Concentration Measurements
        Speakers: Benjamin Hilligsøe Harvey and Jeppe Klitgaard, Physicists, NanoNord

      2:30pm - Session 5: Cutting-Edge Direct Lithium Extraction Technologies

      • Ion-Targeting Lithium Direct Extraction (ITDE): Advancements and Applications
        Speaker: Dr. John Burba, Founder, Chairman & Chief Technology Officer, International Battery Metals Ltd.
      • Direct Lithium Extraction Testwork from Cornish Geothermal Brines
        Speaker: Mark Harris, Senior Process Engineer, Cornish Lithium Ltd
      • The Lithium Chloride Deal
        Speaker: Peter Ehren, CTO and Founder, Lithium Ark Holding B.V.

      4:00pm - Afternoon Break & 1–2–1 Meetings

      4:30pm - Session 6: Panel Discussions

      • Strategic Solutions and Environmental Excellence: Navigating Reserve ZLD in Direct Lithium Extraction for Sustainable Resource Management
        Speaker: Tim Murray, Chief Operating Officer, Anson Resources
      • Panel Discussion on Environmental Sustainability in DLE: Balancing Act
        Moderator: TBA Panelists: Steve Kesler, Walter Weinig, Assoc. Prof. Amir Razmjou, Pierre Krips, David Deak
      • Panel Discussion on Global and Regional Lithium Extraction & DLE Developments
        Moderator: Peter Ehren Panelists: Richard Thompson, Siddarth Subramani, Dmitry Tseitlin, Matthias Schumann

      5:50 pm - Closing Remarks for Day One

      This schedule is subject to change. We look forward to your participation in this exciting event.

Conference Day Two - Wednesday, June 19, 2024

8:30am - Welcome and Opening Address

  • Welcome by Organiser and Event Chairman

8:40am - Session 1: Advancements in Lithium Recovery

  • Revolutionising Lithium Recovery: Advancements in Nanofiltration Techniques for DLE

9:10am - Session 2: Innovative Approaches to Direct Lithium Extraction

  • The Hidden Role of Chloride in Direct Lithium Extraction
    Speaker: Dr. Jindui Hong, Technology Leader – DLE, SENFI UK - a SCG Chemicals company
  • Lithium Selective Membrane for DLE
    Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Amir Razmjou, Leader of Mineral Recovery Research Centre, School of Engineering, Edith Cowan University

10:10am - Morning Break & 1–2–1 Meetings

10:50am - Session 3: Scalability and Sustainability in Lithium Production

  • Exploring Advancements in Ion Exchange Techniques for Direct Lithium Extraction: Navigating the Path Towards Sustainable Scalability in Production
    Speaker: Keerti Shukla, Business Development Manager, Lilac Solutions, Inc.
  • EV Critical Material Demand and Life Cycle Impact – Towards a Net-Zero Supply Chain
    Speaker: Christopher Jones, Strategic Trends Manager, Advanced Propulsion Centre UK
  • Catalysing the Future: Exploring the Convergence of Water and Oil/Gas Wells for Lithium Extraction and Its Strategic Implications
    Speaker: Chris Gibson, Sales Director EMEA, Johnson Screens
  • Next Generation Lithium Brine Operations: Scaling DLE to Join the Circular Economy
    Speaker: Walter Weinig, Discipline Leader Hydrogeology and Mine Closure, Stantec

12:40pm - Lunch & Networking

2:00pm - Session 4: Technological Advances in Lithium Extraction

  • Fully Automated Real-Time Monitoring of Metal Concentrations in Direct Lithium Extraction Processes
    Speaker: Toni Laurila, CEO, Sensmet Ltd.
  • Application of DLE (Direct Lithium Extraction) Technologies: Case Studies
    Speaker: Maxim Irishkin, Commercial Director, Axion-Rare and Noble Metals JSC
  • Lifecycle Analysis of Direct Lithium Extraction to Guide Sustainable Process Design and Operational Decisions
    Speaker: TBA
  • Harnessing Zero Liquid Discharge, Brine Mining and Mineral Production for a Greener Future
    Speaker: TBA

3:50pm - Afternoon Break & 1–2–1 Meetings

4:20pm - Session 5: Panel Discussions

  • Green Energy Revolution: Lithium Extraction's Role in Sustainable Future Energy
    Moderator: TBA Panelists: Robert Baylis, Peter Ehren, Dr. Sebastian Leaper
  • Environmental and Regulatory Challenges in Lithium Extraction
    Moderator: TBA Panelists: Roland Chavasse, Macarena González Prieto

5:40pm - Closing Remarks for Day Two

This schedule is subject to change. We look forward to your active participation in shaping the future of lithium extraction and sustainability.

Event venue

Denham Grove Hotel

Heathrow Airport (10 miles), Gatwick (60 miles) and Luton (24 miles) are within easy reach. 

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