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18 - 19, jUNE, 2024

why you should join

  • In-Depth Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current and future landscape of the lithium industry.


  • Expert Perspectives: Hear from industry leaders and experts who will share valuable insights and forecasts.


  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and stakeholders in the lithium sector, fostering collaboration and strategic partnerships.

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Towards a collective vision of green and smart future cities

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summit highlights

    • 7:30 am - Registration Starts Get ready to kick off an insightful day with networking opportunities.

      8:30 am - Welcome by Organiser and Event Chairman A warm welcome to all participants as we embark on a day filled with groundbreaking discussions.

      8:40 am - Future Trends in Lithium Demand and the Renewable Transition Explore the pivotal role of lithium in advancing renewable energy storage and its impact on the electric vehicle market.

      9:10 am - Impact of Lithium Demand on DLE Innovation Delve into the evolving landscape of lithium demand and how it propels innovation in Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technologies.

      9:40 am - Advancements in Selective Sorbents for DLE Discover the latest developments in sorbent materials designed for efficient lithium extraction in DLE processes.

      10:10 am - Morning Break & 1–2–1 Meetings Take advantage of networking opportunities and scheduled one-on-one meetings with speakers, partners, and attendees.

      10:50 am - Development of DLE Projects to Support Local and Renewable Lithium Production in Europe Insights from Vincent Ledoux Pedailles, Chief Commercial Officer, Vulcan Energy Resources.

      11:20 am - Lithium Sorbent Regeneration Techniques: Recent Developments Explore recent advancements in lithium sorbent regeneration techniques for improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

      11:50 am - Innovations in Membrane-Based Lithium Extraction Technologies Uncover novel membrane technologies for selective lithium extraction, offering increased efficiency and sustainability.

      12:20 pm - Electrochemical Methods for Selective Lithium Extraction A deep dive into electrochemical methods to selectively extract lithium from various sources.

      12:50 pm - Lunch & Networking Enjoy a delicious lunch while networking with industry peers.

      2:00 pm - Nanostructured Materials for Enhanced Lithium Extraction Efficiency Discover the role of nanomaterials in optimizing lithium extraction processes for improved selectivity and performance.

      2:30 pm - Ion-Targeting Lithium Direct Extraction (ITDE): Advancements and Applications Explore the principles and potential applications of ITDE for enhanced lithium extraction efficiency.

      3:00 pm - Integration of Lithium Extraction with Geothermal Energy Production Identify opportunities for synergy between lithium extraction and geothermal energy production.

      3:00 pm - Lithium Extraction from Oil & Gas Reservoirs: Challenges and Opportunities Insights  

      4:00 pm - Afternoon Break & 1–2–1 Meetings Another opportunity for networking and one-on-one discussions.

      4:30 pm - Panel Discussion- Environmental Sustainability in DLE: Balancing Act Explore the delicate balance between lithium extraction for technological advancements and environmental sustainability.

      5:00 pm - Panel Discussion- Global and Regional Lithium Extraction & DLE Developments Engage in a dynamic panel discussion on the latest global and regional developments in lithium extraction and DLE.

8:40 am - Efficient Plant Layouts for Large-Scale Lithium Extraction Facilities Explore design considerations for maximizing space, optimizing energy consumption, and ensuring overall efficiency in large-scale lithium extraction facilities.

9:40 am - Advanced Reactor Design for Direct Lithium Extraction Dive into the intricacies of reactor configurations, materials, and engineering considerations essential for optimizing extraction efficiency, selectivity, and scalability in evolving DLE processes.

10:10 am - Morning Break & 1–2–1 Meetings Utilize this break for networking and one-on-one discussions with industry experts and peers.

10:50 am - Innovative Ion Exchange Techniques in Direct Lithium Extraction Discover ion exchange methods tailored for DLE, encompassing principles behind selective lithium sorbents, regeneration strategies, and integration into continuous extraction systems for enhanced lithium recovery and process sustainability.

11:20 am - Technological Innovations in Lithium Adsorption Processes Explore breakthroughs in lithium adsorption technologies for direct extraction, from advancements in adsorbent materials to process optimizations. Understand the evolving landscape of lithium adsorption processes and their role in efficient and environmentally conscious extraction.

11:50 am - Engineering Challenges in Scaling Up DLE Facilities Delve into the engineering challenges associated with scaling up DLE facilities, considering efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact.

12:20 pm - Solvent Extraction Approaches for Lithium Recovery Uncover innovative solvent extraction approaches enhancing the efficiency of lithium recovery, with a focus on advancements in selective solvent systems.

12:50 pm - Lunch & Networking Enjoy a networking lunch, fostering connections and discussions among participants.

2:00 pm - Enhancing Lithium Purity in Extraction Processes Explore methods and technologies aimed at enhancing lithium purity during extraction processes to produce high-quality lithium for various applications.

2:30 pm - Selective Lithium Recovery from Geothermal Brines: Challenges and Solutions Address technical challenges and innovative solutions in selectively extracting lithium from geothermal brines, including complexities in chemistry, process adjustments, and novel technologies.

3:00 pm - Lifecycle Analysis of Direct Lithium Extraction Gain insights into the lifecycle analysis of DLE to guide sustainable process design and operational decisions.

3:30 pm - Hybrid Materials for Dual-Purpose Energy Applications Explore the development of hybrid materials serving dual purposes in both lithium extraction and energy storage applications, fostering a symbiotic relationship.

4:00 pm - Afternoon Break & 1–2–1 Meetings Another opportunity for networking and one-on-one discussions.

4:30 pm - Panel Discussion- DLE Facility Design and Optimization Challenges Engage in a multifaceted discussion on challenges associated with designing and optimizing DLE facilities, covering aspects such as engineering, technology, and project management.

5:00 pm - Panel Discussion- Environmental and Regulatory Challenges in Lithium Extraction Discuss environmental and regulatory challenges associated with lithium extraction and strategies for industries to ensure compliance and responsible practices.

5:30 pm - Day 2 Closing Remarks Conclude the symposium with insightful closing remarks summarizing key takeaways from the day's discussions and presentations.

Event venue

Denham Grove Hotel

Heathrow Airport (10 miles), Gatwick (60 miles) and Luton (24 miles) are within easy reach. 

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