eminent speakers

Dmitry Tseitlin

Co-Founder & VP Business Development XtraLit Ltd

Mark Harris

Senior Process Engineer, Cornish Lithium Ltd

Assoc. Prof. Amir Razmjou (B.Sc., M.Sc., and PhD)

Dr. Jindui Hong

Technology Leader – DLE, SENFI UK (SCG Chemicals)

Vincent Ledoux Pedailles

Chief Commercial Officer Vulcan Energy Resources

Jeppe Klitgaard

Physicist, BA (Cantab) Nanonord A/S

Dr John Burba

Founder, Chairman & Chief Technology Officer International Battery Metals Ltd.

David Deak

Chief Development Officer, ILiAD Technologies LLC and EnergySource Minerals LLC

Ludovic DONATI

Director Ageli – Alsace Géothermie Lithium, Eramet

Siddarth Subramani

Global Director, Lithium Hatch

Richard Thompson

Project Manager, Cornish Lithium Ltd

Tim Murray

Chief Operating Officer, Anson Resources

Steve Kesler

Chairman CleanTech Lithium PLC

Benjamin Hilligsøe Harvey

Physicist, BA (Cantab) Nanonord A/S

Pierre Krips

Senior Water Specialist, LightOre GmbH

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Empowering Tomorrow’s Lithium Revolution: Direct Extraction, Sustainable Solutions, and Innovation Unleashed at DLE Summit 2024